Summer Break – Pro or Con?

Some facts you might not have considered about Summer break:

  • Math skills are going to erode for most children. Those without books or chances to read are going to fall further behind.
  • Children who tend toward obesity will likely gain weight as much as three times their rate the rest of the year.
  • Children in unsafe environments will more likely become victims or perpetrators.
During the long Summer there isn’t much for children to do.  It seems like kids are spending more and more time indoors watching television and playing video games.  Why not be creative and challenge your child to meet goals during the Summer months that will still allow them to have fun but learn at the same time.
Involve them in outdoor activities such as swimming, sports, roller skating, etc.  Or perhaps the local library where they often have many social activities for children of all ages and learning levels.  Have you ever thought about taking your child to visit the local zoo, parks, hiking trails, museums or other local cultural spots you may have available to you?  This will not only keep them physically active, but also mentally stimulated.