A Note from our Founder

Hello Parents, Students, and Counselors!

I’m Ryan Fitzgibbons, founder of Tutors Across America. Ten years ago, I discovered my passion for tutoring. I taught for Kaplan for many years, did private tutoring, and taught test prep classes locally. Many parents tell me my resume first encouraged them to hire me, but it was how much I care that caused them to refer their friends, family, and younger siblings. While the headlines sound fancy: Member of Mensa, Eagle Scout, 99th percentile on both SAT & ACT…. that’s not what makes a good tutor. I believe most of my referrals come from the fact that I lose more sleep anxiously awaiting my students’ test results than they do.

Ironically, I was a terrible student in high school. My GPA was so low that college admissions counselors actually laughed at me. Then I got my SAT scores back. And suddenly the Ivy League started calling. So was that fair? Not really. But it taught me the importance of playing the game, and how little things like test-taking strategies can alter the trajectory of a student’s life.

So why did I start Tutors Across America? Over the years I’d heard countless horror stories of parents overpaying for unreliable, unqualified tutors. Yet I knew several fantastic teachers and tutors who couldn’t find students. It seems there are two types of tutors: great teachers, and great marketers. Unfortunately the best marketers find all the students, and the most qualified tutors often go to waste. We started Tutors Across America to help students find the best tutors. Not just the best marketers.

If you ever have any questions or concerns that can’t be resolved by our office staff, feel free to call me personally. I’ve listed my cell # below. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and parents, and have never had an unhappy or dissatisfied client. I want to keep it that way. I want to hear success stories about how you or your child improved with the help of our tutors.

Ryan Fitzgibbons


Ryan Fitzgibbons President & Founder
Office: 702-818-5444
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