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" Hello! My name is Michael McDermott. I am a Sophomore Undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. I loved math and science in high school and achieved a 35 composite score on the ACT. I am currently working to be an engineer in the Aerospace, Aeronautical or Automotive industry. In my free time, I love reading, writing, drawing, and being in the outdoors.

I believe I would be a great tutor for you because I know what is is like to be in high school. I love helping students work through problems in the way that best reflects their own learning style, and not necessarily how it is taught in the textbook. I know that many concepts that initially seem especially difficult or non-sensical will almost always be comprehensible with just a bit of persistence and a change in mindset. I hope that I can be the one to help you to become a better learner, and guide you through your academic challenges! "

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