How It Works

Whether you have used tutors in the past or are completely new to the process, Tutors Across America is here to help you find an amazing local tutor.

Students and parents often spend countless hours searching for qualified and reliable tutors. Should you call a big name company? While reliable, their pricing ranges from $79-$300/hr. and their tutors earn between $10-20/hr. With markups like that, the best tutors can’t afford to work there for long. So they seek opportunities elsewhere (like with us!). Should you rely on local Classified ads? While these tutors often come cheap, there’s no guarantee that your tutor is qualified, or that they won’t take your money and vanish. We’ve heard countless horror stories from parents who hired tutors who no-showed, didn’t know what they were doing, or worse yet, were unkind to their students.  At Tutors Across America, we put the most qualified tutors all in one convenient location, so you can focus on what’s important to you: learning.


With some of the best tutor pay rates in the industry, we can afford to be extremely selective in who we hire. You’ll find only friendly, knowledgeable, dependable tutors here.

Private & Secure

Your information is kept private. We never share client information with any third-parties. When you’re ready to make payment, you can do so securely through our website or by calling our office.


Just type your Subject and zipcode, and you can browse an array of excellent tutors in your area. You’re welcome to call or email as many tutors as you like to ensure you’re comfortable before scheduling and making payment.

Affordable & Convenient

We feature excellent tutors with only 1-2 years experience at a great value for those on a budget. We also feature highly experienced professional tutors: PHDs, Mensans, College Professors, and Ivy League Grads, for those looking for the most elite level instruction. Easily pay for tutoring online or by phone with any major credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, check or money order.