Geometry & Simon Says

When I was doing my intern work for my education degree, I was lucky enough to visit Mr. Robinsons’ 4th grade class, who at the time were studying geometry.  They were learning the names of different polygons, how many angles they have, and how many sides they have.  They also talked about flips, slides, and turns.  Mr. Robinson turned this into a game of “Simon Says” by having the kids stand up at their desks.  For a slide they simply slide over.  For a turn, they would leave one foot in place and turn their bodies about 90 degrees.  For a flip they turn 180 degrees.  He would say things such as “Simon Says slide to the right” or “Simon Says hold up the number of fingers a hexagon has.”  This game was a fun way to review their polygons and practice their motions while still learning about geometry in a fun, interactive manner. – Submitted by Sara Opdyke.