Jul 23
Why do the SAT and ACT Matter?

“Why should I study for the SAT and ACT?” Students often ask. The average student…

Jul 23
Welcome Tutors!

I’m Ryan Fitzgibbons, founder of Tutors Across America. I began tutoring for Kaplan…

Jul 23
Welcome Students!

Hello Parents, Students, and Counselors! I’m Ryan Fitzgibbons, founder of Tutors…

Jul 23
High School Graduation Facts

More than half of the students who enter high school will graduate, but not all…

Jul 23

Did you know: 14.2 million Number of computers available for classroom use in the…

Jul 23
Back To School Fun Facts

Did you know… Top three supply purchases for Back to School? In Capital…

Jul 23
What Do College Admissions Care About Most?

1. GPA/Class Rank 2. SAT/ACT Scores 3. Difficulty of Courses 4. Extra-curricular…

Jul 23
Summer Break – Pro or Con?

Some facts you might not have considered about Summer break: Math skills are going to…

Jul 23
Geometry & Simon Says

When I was doing my intern work for my education degree, I was lucky enough to visit…

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