A Note from our Founder

Welcome tutors!

I’m Ryan Fitzgibbons, founder of Tutors Across America. I began tutoring for Kaplan many years ago, teaching SAT and ACT prep classes, as well as private tutoring. I discovered that for one-on-one tutoring, Kaplan was charging $125/hr. and paying me $16/hr. Now, I understand a business needs to take a cut to remain profitable. But wow! Here at Tutors Across America, we pay our tutors fairly, so they can do what they love, and still pay their bills. With great pay rates, we hire and retain the very best tutors. Most of our tutors start out part time, but some have made the jump to full-time.

Unlike other tutoring agencies, we don’t charge our tutors a monthly fee to list their profiles. In a system like that, there’s little incentive for the company to find students for you. They’re getting paid no matter what! Here we believe in a win/win relationship. We only make money when we find you students to teach.

So why did I start Tutors Across America? I’m passionate about tutoring. There’s no better feeling than helping a student achieve his or her goals. But over the years, I’d heard countless horror stories of people overpaying for unreliable, unqualified tutors. Yet I knew several fantastic tutors who couldn’t find students. It seems there are two types of tutors: great teachers, and great marketers. Unfortunately the best marketers find all the students, and the most qualified tutors often give up on their tutoring dreams, and settle for boring 9-5 jobs to pay the bills. I know. I’ve been there! We started Tutors Across America to help students find the best tutors, not just the best marketers. If you love tutoring, but hate the hassle and expense of advertising, marketing, and collecting payments, this is the place for you. We handle the business side of things so you’re freed up to do what you do best: teach.

Ryan Fitzgibbons

Ryan Fitzgibbons President & Founder
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