Kody Phillips

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Subjects Available:

High School: ACT
High School: Algebra
High School: AP & Honors-Level Courses
High School: Biology
High School: Calculus
High School: Chemistry
High School: Computer Skills
High School: Economics
High School: English
High School: Essay Editing
High School: Geometry
High School: History
High School: Literature
High School: Math
High School: Music Lessons
High School: Physics
High School: Pre-Calc
High School: PSAT
High School: Reading
High School: SAT
High School: SAT Critical Reading
High School: SAT II - Subject Tests
High School: SAT Math
High School: SAT Writing
High School: Statistics
High School: Trigonometry
High School: Writing
College Level: Algebra
College Level: Computer Skills
College Level: Economics
College Level: Geometry
Misc: Guitar
Misc: Keyboard/Piano
Misc: Microsoft Programs
Misc: Voice Lessons


"My approach to teaching is to build on a student's existing knowledge. In addition, I want the student to actively participate as much as possible. I will often give them problems to work on or ask open-ended questions throughout a tutoring session. I may try several different methods depending on what a student responds to most, such as using repetition in reviewing the materials, introducing lots of visual aids, and/or going over many examples.

My adaptability, friendliness, and patience is what makes me a good teacher. I can tell right away if I'm losing a student or if it's necessary for me to explain a given concept in more detail before moving on."

- I play the piano and like to compose new pieces.
- I'm always up for a good book, especially sci-fi.
- I love the social sciences, notably economics and psychology.
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