Jacob Brunsvold

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Subjects Available:

High School: ACT
High School: Algebra
High School: AP & Honors-Level Courses
High School: Biology
High School: Calculus
High School: Chemistry
High School: Geometry
High School: German
High School: Math
High School: Physics
High School: Pre-Calc
High School: PSAT
High School: Statistics
High School: Trigonometry
College Level: Algebra
College Level: Calculus
College Level: Chemistry - General
College Level: Chemistry - Organic
College Level: Geometry
College Level: Statistics
College Level: Trigonometry


Highest Degree: Bachelors of Science
College: University of Wisconsin
Years as a Tutor: 5
Bio: Jacob is dedicated to helping his students understand the material. Well versed in both high school and college level math and science courses. Jacob is also well versed in ACT tutoring and is eager to help students achieve their dreams.
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